Chipotle buyer livid that mobile orders get served first despite her annoyed looks and interactions with servers

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A shopper shared her long-wait time frustration with fast-food restaurants. The previous cause for extended hold-ups was customizations.

The annoyed woman has to wait for all the mobile orders to get served. Only then can she receive her in-store request. It is a spreading trend, which she identified at Chipotle and Starbucks.

The TikTok video by Califonia-based Natalie (@natalie_toks) has 1.4 million views.

Her caption reads, "Every. Time. Chipotle is extra guilty of this too."

Her short clip featured a Starbucks location. People who order via the mobile app casually walk in and pick up their drinks. But Natalie has to take a seat in the store and wait.

The text overlay says, "When they prioritize online orders from 3rd party apps vs the people that are standing and waiting right in front of them."


The average wait time at a food chain was 105.84 seconds (almost 2 minutes) as of Oct 2022 reports. The analysis said fast-food restaurants with greater demand had higher lag times. The suggested high times of 3-6 minutes do not account for other inconveniences.

Wait times at a sit-down restaurant are about 30 minutes. So, despite the increasing delays at fast-food restaurants. It is still considered much quicker.


The reactions in the comment section were mixed. People had strong opinions on the issue. Mobile app users defended their perceived right to get through easier. Meanwhile, walk-in buyers found it unfair. Even severs joined in to explain why they prefer to prep meals for mobile users first.

One alleged worker justified the preference, "You do not understand the [trouble] I used to endure making online orders for Chipotle. You would prioritize [them], if you had 10 Door Dashers yelling at you too."
Someone tried to put the matter into perspective, "I mean it's [served] in the order they receive them." Followed by, "I order & pay on the starbies app. I might not be standing there but if I paid first, it gets made first. 🤷🏻‍♀️"
A third comment stated, "I work at starbs and the amnt of people who get mad because someone else's ice tea was finished before their 9 step latte is CRAZY."


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