Remote worker angry she may get called back into the office

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One remote worker wants other virtual staff members to stay silent online. She expressed frustration at people's descriptions of life working from home. They paint it as a super easy lifestyle.

The complaint comes from TikTok user @journeywithrosie.

What does Rosie say in the video?

Rosie complains, "Listen, I am getting [tired] of you guys that work from home shouting from the rooftops on TikTok that you essentially spend half your day doing nothing. Because first of all, I work from home and I am so busy that [my eyeballs feel super exhausted]."
She further explains, "But most importantly, if that is the case, just be glad and be silent. Because your employer and every other employer, they’re going to see your posts and say this is why people have to work in the office. Just accept it."


The primary advantage of working from home is avoiding traffic. Introverts and parents also like working without colleagues or on the go.

But some reports claim remote workers' lives are more challenging than in-office employees. These staff members have twice as much trouble finding their work-life balance.

Despite the struggle, many virtual employees display a different outlook online. It gives employers the impression workers are slacking. Worse. Many companies have mandated that everyone return to the office. Rosie does not want this fate.


Responders shared the same plea as Rosie.

One wrote, "Right, like DONT RUIN IT FOR THE REST OF US. And I'm busy. 😭 Rosie replied, "For real 😭 making us all look bad. I work really hard, and never take advantage of the time."
"Right, I wish my work from home work was easy! I’m losing it! My work load is mad.", claimed a second.
A third chimed in, "I think most of them are joking tbh. Hahaha. Y’all joking right? 👀. Rosie replied, "I get that, I’m joking somewhat too, but also I do think some employers might not like the idea of their employees messing around with their time."


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