Woman stunned receipt charged her for the drink and the bottle separately

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A woman expressed genuine confusion about the charges on her receipt. She bought only one drink. Yet, her bill reflected two fees.

The video is by TikTok user Fjeff (@findingxfarrah). It has 366.4K views and 114 comments.

A woman examined her receipt after buying a bottle of Red Bull at Target. She paid $2.99 for the canned beverage. And on top of that, she spent $0.05 for an extra bottle deposit fee.

The text overlay says, "Someone tell me [what is] a bottle deposit fee, and why I am paying it?"

The practice is spreading.

A Burger King shopper alleged he used a coupon to get a free meal. But had to pay a dollar for it.


Many highlighted the fee is common in several states:

  • "Oregon has entered the chat."
  • "My reaction in Michigan for the first time. But returning the cans and bottles was fun. 😅"
  • "That happened to me when I visited Cali I was like what lol."
  • "Rhode Island just passed this tax."
One explained, "It's a fee for the can/bottle. In MA, [it] is supposedly to ward people away from not recycling because you can bring those into Target/Walmart and other redemption places to get the fee back in a refund." The TikToker replied, "Thanks for answering I think I get it now 😂."

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