Three Rebates Of $150 To $700 For Eligible Kansas Residents

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Kansas will help the most marginalized groups in its communities. The state plans to give financial support to residents who get excluded by other relief and aid projects.

The programs will focus on helping older, disabled, and low-income citizens. The rebates start at $150 and go up to $700. What is the money for and what rules determine eligibility?
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Citizens have access to two rebate programs. The application portals opened on January 3, 3023.

There are two property tax relief programs. The names are the Homestead Refund and the Kansas Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Seniors (SAFESR). In Kansas City, seniors can also apply for the Utility & Sales Tax Rebate Program. Direct deposits will go out before checks. If someone qualifies, they can expect the payment early in the year after applying.

Below are the details of each initiative.

1. Homestead Refund

This annual program returns some of a person's property filings. The payout depends on the claimants' income; the max benefit is $700.

How does one qualify? The household earnings should be under $37,750. The recipient should also be one of the following. They must be 56 years old, blind, disabled, or had a dependent child living with them every day in 2022. Here is the website (

2. SAFESR Refund

Citizens can apply for both this and the Homestead Refund. The applicant will receive one payment, whichever is larger.

There is no cap on the SAFESR rebate one receives. For example, someone who paid $936 in 2021 after filing their property taxes can get back more than $700. SAFESR gives low-income seniors a 75% property filing refund. Beneficiaries must meet these requirements:

  • 65 years or older
  • Owned their Kansas home for all of 2022
  • Home value equals $350,000 or less
  • Household income is $22,000 or less

Here is the SAFESR Refund application form (

3. Utility & Sales Tax Rebate Program

This program is specific to Kansas City residents. It gives homeowners who earn under $25,000 and are aged 56 years and older a rebate of up to $150. Qualifying applicants receive the money in 4-6 weeks. Submit the form, proof of income, and a current utility bill.

This state website ( provides more details.

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