Former Ross Employee Predicts Markdowns of 49 Cents and $2

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A former Ross Dress for Less employee predicts super-low markdowns for items.

Ross Dress for Less is an American discount department store chain with 1,697 locations. It has 198 venues in Florida.

The TikToker (@orlandoqponqueen) said the retailer could reduce fees on everything, especially holiday-themed goods. She narrated while walking through her local Ross shop. The video has 6 million views, 848.2K likes, and 4126 comments.

The Tikoker said:

"Here is my Ross update number three. For those that don't know, in January, a lot of things will be marked down to, like, less than $2. What will be marked down? Let's go show you."
"I already told you guys that December 26. All these slippers which are boxed will be $0.49. Seeing that these are already marked down, most likely this would be less than $5. Items with holiday designs like this. And that one will definitely be either $0.49 or less than a dollar. Clothing. Clothing is probably the top one that I love. A lot of clothing will be less than $2, depending. If your store still has a lot of toys like these, they will chop them down. Super duper low."
"One year I scored a doll house. I think it was Lala Loopsy, huge dollhouse, resells for $100, and it was marked down to $0.49. Sets like these will definitely be marked down. I also had a lot of questions [about] if it will be marked. Yes. The price tag needs to say the price on it. Without it, it's not going to ring up that price at the register."
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Other alleged Ross employees agree with @orlandoqponqueen. They also asked people to be kind to employees while getting deals and gave away more sales tips. Meanwhile, customers expressed excitement about the markdowns.

One alleged former Ross staffer commented, "Red on the stickers means holiday which means marked down after the holidays. Markdowns happen on Monday."
Another person said, "So check Ross every day in January. Got it. Good thing I live across the street."
Someone else said, "How am I supposed to run to Walmart, target, hobby lobby, big lots, Marshall’s and Ross on the 26th at the same time?🥺😂 For markdowns."

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