Colorado Sends Appreciation Cash From $4.3 Million Fund

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Many residents were of extra service to their fellow locals. Several states have appreciation programs underway for December, Colorado is one of them. The payments go out as bonuses to identified individuals. Who are these citizens? In which city do they live?
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Many state agencies pooled sums to create a fund of $4.3 million. The Denver Sheriff's Office gave the largest contribution of $1.4 million. It follows the Finance and Governance Committee of the Denver City Council's request. Stephanie Adams is Denver's deputy chief financial officer. Adams said empty city positions would provide the surplus revenue. (source)

Denver city workers will soon see a bonus of $600 on their paychecks. Around 8,288 city employees will see the cash. They gave their job extra effort because of the pandemic. And will get rewarded through the 2022 Employee Appreciation Bonus Program. (source)

Who will get the payment? The eligible workers had to work with the major. State agencies with staff who do not report to the major had the option to opt-in and provide the benefit. (source)

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