Proposal Will Give Alabama Residents Fitting The Eligibility Rules Hundreds

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Living costs in Alabama are on the rise. If you feel the pinch of inflation, the Alabama Policy Institute said the government collected over $13 billion in 2022 revenue. The amount is over the expected budget, so, the plan is to release $2 billion of the excess. Officials say the distribution of the checks will begin after they finalize the payment details. The proposal is in the discussion stage and will need some time before it becomes law.
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Who is eligible? Senator Arthur Orr said the rebate could potentially send out $150-$200 to each taxpayer. Married people who filed jointly may potentially get double the amount. (source)

Justin Bogie is the senior director of fiscal policy for API. Justin told WTVY: “We’ve seen this unprecedented increase in revenue. More taxes coming from citizens than ever before.” The proposal is still in the planning stages. (source)

Another Alabama Rebate

The Alabama payment recipients to make an upgrade to your home. Utility company Alabama Power has 1.4 million customers in the state. It is now offering a max rebate of $200 to customers who buy new 'smart' thermostats.

These thermostats can save time and energy by only cooling or heating a home when you need it on a set schedule. You can also control them with your smartphone. The company has an application portal and explainer on its website. The deadline to buy the thermostat and complete the application is a few days, so interested persons must act quickly. (source)

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