Rent Help Checks of $700 to $900 to Connecticut Citizens

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Rent is the highest it has ever been in years. Landlords are passing on inflationary pressures to their tenants. It has been hard for renters to afford housing expenses. The state wants to help people who are in this vulnerable position.

Financial support is going to 45,000 senior citizens and residents with disabilities. Connecticut renters are getting back $24 million beginning this week. This money will help with higher rental rates. (source)

The money will come from the Connecticut Renter's Rebate program. This announcement came from Governor Ned Lamont. (source)
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The rebates will be $700 for individuals and $900 for married couples. The average payment is around $540. The application date was October 1. But officials softened this rule. Interested renters have until November 15 to submit an extension request. This submission will give people a chance to claim the cash. (source)

Late applicants will also need a doctor's note. This document will explain the person's reason for applying late. For example, they had a medical condition that caused them to miss the filing period. The rebate program has been around since 1974. It has helped Connecticut's renters who are senior citizens or have disabilities. The rebate also depends on income, rent, and utility (excluding telephone) payments made last year. (source)

Interested seniors and other eligible groups can visit the state website here.

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