Walmarts Adds Item To Help Customers Across The U.S

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Until recently, it was hard for about 30 million Americans across the U.S. to get one essential item. It meant many went without this product. Or they had to encounter extra costs when buying it. (source)

Millions of Americans can get over-the-counter hearing aids at Walmart. The retailer is the first store to provide this service. Around 30 million Americans with mild-to-moderate hearing loss can have easy item access. It will receive a treatment like store-bought reading glasses. (source)

Hearing aids sold by Walmart are available to customers aged 18 and older. This move is brand-new. It is the first time an exam or fitting is not necessary for shoppers to get hearing aids. They can shop for one and their local Walmart and bring it home. (source)

What is the cost of this item?
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Walmart prices range from $199 to $999 per pair, with top brands like Lexie by Bose and HearX available. Some hearing aid brands include Bluetooth and self-tuning app capabilities. According to Forbes, the average cost for one hearing aid is around $2,000. (source)

What locations stock the item? Walmart is selling over-the-counter hearing aids online. It is also accessible at Walmart Vision Centers. These centers are in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. But the retailer will soon have it available nationwide. (source)

The brand said this affordable wellness service could help the 150 million customers who pass through their doors each week. “Walmart is excited to offer customers a broad assortment of high-quality hearing aids at a more affordable price, helping to deliver on their goal to be the primary shopping destination for shoppers,” the store said in a statement on its website. (source)

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