Sick Wife Asked to Be Quiet

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Internet commenters showed support for a spouse who shared his story. The Reddit user has the name Professional-Card607 or OP. And the post has received over 4,200 upvotes.

The man says he has tried to help his wife while she suffered from congestion. But she met his efforts with hostility. The man asked people if he was wrong for asking his ill wife to struggle quieter. The spouse says, "My wife's been sick for a little over a week.". "I've taken care of her and all the household tasks to help her out.". (source)

The person explains they have cooked. Cleaned and ran the couple's children to and from sports practices. OP said they do not expect any special treatment as a result, and they are happy to take on the extra duties. But after countless helping out his wife with a smile, the OP questioned if his wife was trying to recover. (source)
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OP wrote. "When she gets sick, she walks around complaining constantly. She says, 'I don't feel good,' and talks in a weak voice unless she wants something. I'm talking all day long." "Usually, when she says 'I don't feel good,' I'll respond with 'I understand you're not feeling well, what can I do or how can I make you feel better?'. OP continued. "[She'll] just snap and say 'nothing, I just don't feel good." (source)

The man could not take it anymore and asked his ill wife to struggle quieter. "Finally, today, I just couldn't handle it anymore and asked her if she could just suffer a little quieter," OP added. "She called me inconsiderate." But he explained that he; "just wanted to sit in peace for a few minutes at the end of the day after a week of taking care of her." (source)

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