Up To $1,682 in Direct Payments for Seniors

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Millions of Americans have been receiving relief via direct payments since this summer. These have come through tax rebates, stimulus checks, and targeted programs. Seniors have felt left out of these benefits. This group also faces challenges caused by inflation. And many seniors have one fixed income. There is now a program to help people who are beneficiaries of Social Security.

Millions of Americans could get up to $1,682 from two checks or direct payments within September. The first benefit is to roll out on September 1. The amount is up to $841. It is a part of the Social Security Supplemental Income. This funding goes to retired and disabled Americans. (source)

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The average monthly check is $624. The maximum benefit possible is $841. Social Security recipients usually get their payments on the first of every month. Who qualifies for this payment? This program aims to help people over 65. Plus, citizens who have disabilities and also have little or no income. (source)

There are other rules about who qualifies for social security help. It depends on the asset one owns. Single persons who meet the requirements must have under $2,000 in assets. Meanwhile, couples have up to $3,000. There are a few exemptions to what you can own. These are in the list below. (source)

  • Life insurance policies with a face value of $1,500 or less
  • Your car (usually)
  • Burial plots for you and members of your immediate family
  • Up to $1,500 in burial funds for you and up to $1,500 in burial funds for your spouse
  • The home and land where you live

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