There Is A General Avoidance Of Self-Checkout Stores

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Shoppers are avoiding self-checkout stores. What is the result of this choice? Amazon is pressing pause on setting up new self-checkout grocery stores. This issue comes as people's avoidance causes disappointing sales. (source)

The current Amazon stores are cashier-less and use technology to access the purchases of customers. Reports say Amazon is pausing the rollout of more Amazon Fresh self-checkout food stores. Sources cite disappointing sales and the uncertain economy as the reason for the decision. There are others issues. These include the high cost when opening physical stores. The company is also facing tension from Whole Foods. (source)
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The sources continued that Amazon has walked away from talks about new sites for dozens of its grocery stores. The company has also ended its search for other locations. Most of the existing Fresh stores have fallen short of sales projections. This sales shortage points to its poor acceptance by the wider public. (source)

If the lease is already signed, the company will go ahead with the store opening. The existing stores have undergone a significant change. There was a reorganization of the management structure in the physical stores. It is one of the first primary shake-ups to happen to this side of their business. (source)

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