Organization Gives Rescue Dog Chance Of A New Life

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Rescue dog gets a chance at a great life.

Reggie is an 18-month-old Shar Pei. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) rescued him. He did not have the best puppyhood, but the organization is giving Reggie a better life in adulthood. (source)

The team wanted to give Reggie a better quality of life than round-the-clock eye care. RSPCA veterinarians at the UK Sussex Brighton and East Grinstead branches got called. They decided restoration of his eyesight was possible via an operation. (source)

The treatment was two weeks ago, and it was successful. What do veterinarians say about Reggie's dog breed?
Photo by Ivan via Pexels

The RSPCA’s deputy head of dogs said it is not uncommon for the Shar Pei dog breed to have eye problems. This issue is because of the chubby folds on their faces. (source)

“Sadly Reggie’s breed is prone to having problems due to their extra skin. But with the treatment, we hope that this will help prevent further skin problems in the future.”

Reggie has recovered well and no longer needs care for his vision. He can live as a family dog with his future adoptive family. (source)

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