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Seniors And Low-Income Shoppers Spend More As Coupons Move Online

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Coupons help shoppers get discounted prices. Most coupon users enjoy clipping and redeeming the slips at supermarkets. But the number of coupon books sent out decreases each month. These deals have moved online, thus lowering some users' access to the offerings.

Ingram is a 62-year-old resident of DeBary, Florida. She said coupons helped her save money for years. But over the last two years, Ingram has benefited from fewer discounts. Winn-Dixie is the coupon provider chosen by Ingram. It has moved many of its offers online. The exclusive online deals expand every few months and now include meat and produce. So, the discounts are inaccessible to Ingram and others like her. (source)

Like Ingram, many seniors are not tech savvy. Ingram tried downloading the coupon app but stopped after several failed attempts. (source). How does the older population fair against these changes?
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Pew Research Center did a technology study among two groups of people. The groups are adults with household incomes below $30,000 and people aged 65 and older. Here are the results: (source)

  • 39% of elders do not own a smartphone
  • 25% of elders don't use the internet.
  • 24% of low-income families don't own a smartphone
  • 41% of low-income families don't have a computer

The data suggests many seniors and low-income coupon users have lost access to deals. Edgar Dworsky is a consumer advocate and founder of Consumer World. Edgar says, "this is a new hurdle for in-store shoppers.". (source)

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