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Unyielding Courage: Woman Dragged by Robber's Car in Alameda Stands Strong

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A brave individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, demonstrated unwavering determination after being dragged by a robber's car in Alameda. Reflecting on the incident, the 69-year-old woman stated that she would not hesitate to take the same action again.

Speaking to KTVU, she said, "To fight until the very end gives me a sense of satisfaction." Surveillance footage reveals the robber fleeing in his vehicle, dragging the woman along the street before she was forcefully knocked to the ground.

Alameda Police Chief Nishant Joshi explained, "She reached into the vehicle, and as he drove off, she was pulled a short distance." The incident occurred on Sunday around 3 p.m. on Broadway, near the lagoon between Otis and Shore Line Drives.

At the time, the woman was enjoying a snack and speaking on her phone while parked in her red Ford Mustang. Suddenly, a white car pulled up behind her. The perpetrator approached the passenger side, snatched her purse, and hastily returned to his own vehicle. Fearless and determined, the victim pursued the robber and was subsequently dragged when he sped away in his car.

Her concern was not for her stolen purse, but rather for her expensive Gucci prescription glasses. "It was the reason I decided to chase him; I needed my glasses," she explained. "I can't see without them."

Taking swift action came naturally to her. "I'm furious because this man was looking for a target, and I feel violated," she expressed. "I feel violated, yet I'm proud because I put up a fight."

Although she put up a valiant struggle, she paid a steep price, sustaining head injuries and covered in blood. The incident was captured on video by Bach Ha, who witnessed the scene. The footage shows the woman rising to her feet and staggering about in a dazed state.

Chief Joshi advises victims not to engage or pursue their attackers. "Personal belongings can be replaced, but personal safety is something we should never compromise," he emphasized. "My heart goes out to her. While the natural inclination is to retrieve your property, it comes with numerous risks. Unfortunately, in this case, she was injured."

Local residents expressed shock over the incident. "I'm deeply concerned, and regrettably, people often react without fully considering the consequences," said Flavia Krasilchik.

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