Student made unique illustrations of black people for medical textbooks to aid in proper diagnosis

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In recent days, illustrations made by a medical student have been spreading at an incredible rate on social media. These pictures, which are commonly used in medical textbooks, show people with dark skin. His name is Chidiebere Ibe.
The young man is an aspiring neurosurgeon. And judging by the detail of the illustrations, he has a passion for his profession.

Do we really see black people often in anatomical textbooks?
The story began when Chidiebere noticed while in medical school that the vast majority of medical textbooks contained images of people with white skin. Medical offices were no different in this regard, either. This led him to the idea of starting to draw medical illustrations of black people. It became a passion for the student.

“The underrepresentation of black skin medical illustration in medical textbooks and as tool of communication in the public health sector has brought a bridge in Doctor-Patient communication. My goal is to create such a medical illustration,” Ibe wrote on Instagram. You can also see many other interesting illustrations on his Instagram page.

According to Ibe, many medical conditions can look different in people of color, which makes a big difference in medical students’ understanding of the material. He also points out that his new interpretation is of great interest to black students. They are more attracted to illustrations that show their native skin color. It could have a positive impact on students’ grades as well.

According to Future Physician, many doctors are not sure how skin conditions appear on black skin, because of the lack of necessary images.

Ibe has already done illustrations of eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. You can also view other images on his Instagram page

He apparently has no intention of stopping and will continue to contribute to medicine.
The student also suggested that doctors sometimes misdiagnose black patients because medical schools don’t teach the manifestation of skin diseases on black skin

"I decided to change the status quo by showing anatomy, physiology and pathology in black skin," Ibe noted.

This talented and creative man is currently in his first year of medical school in Ukraine.

He also became the creative director of the Journal of Global Neurosurgery and several other medical publications.

Ibe's creative ideas have touched the hearts of thousands of people who continue to share information about him on social media

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