Scientists have identified another striking symptom of diabetes, that few people know about

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According to the Daily Express, citing a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association, patients with diabetes lost an average of 10 teeth compared to people without the disease. People without the disease, on average, lose less than 7 teeth.

What's more, scientists claim that 28 percent of diabetic subjects lost all of their teeth.

Periodontitis is a disease in which the supporting structure of the tooth breaks down. The periodontium is the tissue that holds the tooth together. This includes the gum, bone, mucosa, and ligaments.

This is how this disease develops. Scientists suggest that high blood sugar makes it difficult to deliver nutrients to the teeth, and also interferes with the removal of accumulated toxins.

In addition, excess blood sugar can provoke plaque on the teeth and periodontal disease.

"Your mouth is naturally home to many types of bacteria," explains the Mayo Clinic.

"When the starches and sugars in foods and drinks interact with these bacteria, a sticky film known as plaque forms on your teeth."

The combination of these two factors of bacterial growth and the accumulation of harmful dental debris leads to purulent processes.

Another study that ended in 2015 showed that people with diabetes lost teeth twice as often as healthy people. It is important to note that Afro-Americans lost the largest number of teeth as they aged, compared to white Americans and Mexican-Americans.

All of this data suggests that people with diabetes or high blood sugar should take more care with their teeth and gums. It is also a good idea to see your dentist regularly. You can reduce your risk of losing teeth by going to the dentist at the right time, maintaining oral hygiene and taking your diabetes and pre-diabetes seriously.

34.5 percent of U.S. adults have prediabetes. But research shows that only 11.6 percent know about it. 10.5 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes. If you don't start treating prediabetes, it is very likely that it will turn into type 2 diabetes later on.There is a 70-90 percent chance of this happening if you don't take action to treat prediabetes.

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