The omicron strain is not a reason to panic for vaccinated people. But it's early to relax!

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The chief physician of Australia Paul Kelly says that emerging evidence suggests the severity of the Omicron strain is no worse than others.

"Among the nearly 300 cases of infection seen in a number of countries around the world, symptoms are fairly mild or none at all," Kelly said.

That doesn't mean Omicron is completely harmless and safe. It is still dangerous. Risks are elevated for unvaccinated people. Moreover, scientists have not yet established how effective the existing vaccines are against the new strain.

Another fact is that the new strain spreads three times faster than the delta strain.

The Minnesota resident who was infected with the new strain had not been abroad recently. This fact suggests that the new variant of the virus has begun to spread within the U.S.

The patient was fully vaccinated. He had only mild symptoms, which have now disappeared.

The person infected with Omicron apparently contracted the virus at the New York anime festival, which took place Nov. 19-21. On Nov. 22, he developed symptoms.

A large crowds of people in an enclosed space is one of the key factors in the transmission of the virus. It is also common to see people not covering their noses with masks. Scientists warn that if you don't cover your nose with a mask, it's the same as not wearing a mask at all! Because the coronavirus spreads most easily through the nose.

The first case of infection with the omicron strain has been identified in California. The infected person was vaccinated and arrived from South Africa on November 22.

This was reported by CNN, citing data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The first person with the new strain in the U.S. had only mild symptoms.

Both of these patients have been fully vaccinated. This gives hope that the current vaccines greatly reduce the risk of severe disease. Especially if you keep a safe distance and wear protective masks.

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