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Internationally acclaimed Contemporary Artist, Jedd Novatt has a visual language that defines his signatory linear aesthetic; an interpretation of factual environmental apexes manifested through lines, angles, and vertices that engage negative space against positive. The artworks theoretically propel themselves through the firmaments of space, carried by the dynamic spatial vibrations found within the arrangements. The momentum is purposefully and perfectly contrasted and even constrained with his choice of rigid and weighted materiality.
Jedd Novatt, Huracán V, 2021Courtesy of Burgess Modern + Contemporary

Novatt is an artist often examined through constraining connotations of chaos theories. Burgess Modern + Contemporary begins to disseminate and dissect Novatt’s seemingly random elements which are in fact governed by deterministic laws such as gravity.

In the new Huracán Sculpture Series, Novatt examines discernments of balance with his geometric shapes that build upon, morph within, and volley around each other. It is within these undefined quadrilateral forms that the artist examines the critical analysis of scale and weight. Huracáns’ upward and outward mobilities can be characterized as infinite as the artist probes the perceived absolutes of spatial realities, both physical and transcendental. In this conceptual yet constructed formalism of linear constructs resides Novatt’s self-reliant artistic vocabulary.

However, there is much more to explore throughout his signatory linear aesthetic.

Within the seemingly infinite perceptional tower of upward expansion, spatial relations, and limitless boundaries­ — lies a metaphorically erected inner voice and self-reliant artistic vocabulary that has cemented a very substantial foundation developed and inspired by varied conceptual elements; ranging from seemingly Geodesic dome theories of stability and structure, Cycladic Art, Johann Sebastian Bach, and ephemeral transcendence through materiality, to theoretical and academic familiarities with a plethora of scholarly and studious focusses; art or otherwise.

Novatt is hyperaware of the dynamic of “spatial vibrations” that his artwork disseminates into the cosmic heavens, but pulls back with methodical force to constrain the materiality, and pontificates on “space as form” with a clear discernment for perceived as well as physical balance.

How does the sculpture land” says Novatt as he discusses his comprehension of form cloaked in the invisible attributes of Earth’s gravity and its role on structures and literal space.

More of Jedd Novatt's artwork can be found on the Burgess Modern + Contemporary website at:
Jedd Novatt, Huracán II, 2021Courtesy of Burgess Modern + Contemporary

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