Fire Closes Major Texas Highway

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Motorist currently traveling through North Texas by way of Highway 287 will be experiencing delays as portions of the highway are currently being closed as a result of rogue wildfires sweeping the area.
Highway 287 is currently closed through portions of North Texas as a result of heavy smoke.Crystal Carroll

Texas DPS reports that US 287 from Henrietta to Jolly are currently closed in addition to SH 148 from Henrietta to Petrolia and Highway 79 from Wichita Falls to Petrolia. Those currently passing through this area of Texas are urged to find alternative routes of travel to avoid extensive pile ups on highways and ensure safety as winds continue to push smoke and fires further.

In addition to highway closures, evacuations are currently underway in the area.

The initial reports of grass fires sparked rapid response to the area however fast moving winds continued to create issues in the area including power line and transformer complications. Local fire fighters from throughout the area quickly responded from the Wichita Falls, Shepherd Air Force Base, Vernon and other neighboring agencies from additional counties. Law enforcement promptly jumped into play to assist in evacuations.

Wind speeds are not expected to slow this evening and already plans are being made to continue to combat the issues in the area. In addition to closures and evacuations, rail service from the Burlington Northern has been ceased in this area until containment can be achieved and repairs can be made to their tracks which run through this area.

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