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SF investigating cops who apparently stood by while dispensary was robbed

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(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) Cannabis business owners are frustrated with what they feel is inadequate help from the City's law enforcement. Tensions rose this week during a video conference with city officials, business leaders and law enforcement after a mid-Nov. robbery on a Panhandle shop in which police stood by and watched as thieves escaped.

Police received a call from a neighbor of the shop noting that the alarm was going off and they saw multiple people inside the shop, removing bags and loading them into a gray sedan out front, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the video, a patrol car shines its light on the getaway car while a final suspect is exiting the dispensary. The drawn-out escape takes roughly 40 seconds before the grey sedan executes a three-point turn in front of the officers, and drives away.

“I don’t expect much,” said Tariq Mizyed Alazraie, owner of the Bay Area Safe Alternatives dispensary that thieves raided at about 4:30 a.m. on Nov. 16.

Following the incident, Alazraie's daughter filed a complaint with the City's Department of Police Accountability.

“I made my statement that they chose not to act, that it was quite clear they had enough time,” Anisa Alazraie said, recounting her phone interview with a DOPA official.

If investigators determine the officers acted negligently, Alazraie wants them both to be fired but focused on the larger issues at play in the video: unofficial stand-down orders potentially coming from higher-ranking police officials.

While Tariq Mizyed Alazraie did not make calls for the officers to be fired, he has lost any real confidence that the police will protect his business.

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