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There used to be a time when hanging a help wanted sign in the window would be enough to bring some applicants through the door, but that’s not really going to be an effective hiring method for most companies in 2022. Virtually every company is in competition with one another for employees and this has turned recruitment into a much more active process. Companies will need to refine their approach if they want to secure the best people these days, so we’ve gathered an overview of five best practices that are sure to help your company bring in more applicants.

Market Right

One of the first things your company should do is to stop using your regular marketing material to market to job candidates. Candidates are not customers, and boilerplate promo material is not going to hook their interests or reveal very much about what life is like working at your firm. Most job seekers would pass your listing by without a second thought.

Instead, focus on marketing your company as a great place to work. Use videos, regular social media posts, “best place to work” rankings, and employee testimonials to highlight your company as a positive and engaging place.

Flexibility Sells

It’s safe to say that just about everyone looking for a job in 2022 is looking for flexibility. It’s among the top perks that employees are seeking, typically ranking second only to health insurance coverage. Depending on the work that your company does, the level of flexibility that you’re able to offer may differ. But regardless of what types of flexible options your company can provide, they should all be promoted through your recruitment efforts. Even a little goes a long way, especially when it’s something employees are demanding at such rates.

Make Applying Easy

If application process that your company uses isn’t simple and intuitive, it could be a barrier that blocks out good candidates. Job listings and information on how to apply should be easy for candidates to find on mobile devices. According to data from Glassdoor, a majority of people across age groups search for jobs on mobile devices. But people on mobile devices complete 53% fewer applications and take 80% longer to complete each application. This might have a lot to do with cumbersome application software that not mobile-friendly. Therefore, your company may experience a higher completion and conversion rates just by making your process more accessible to users.

Tout Your Social Impact

Companies don’t exist in a vacuum, and today’s workers want to know they’re working for a company that is doing good things for the community. It doesn’t matter if a firm is large or small, it has to make an impact if it wants to drive positive results.

One solid suggestion is to let your employees select the types of community or philanthropic endeavors they’d like to support, and then tout that effort throughout your recruitment materials. Doing so projects an image of comradery when it comes to making an impact. This can be a very powerful draw for socially conscious individuals who may be interested in working for your company.

Revisit Your Text

The specific text of a job listing can act like a great big filter that weeds out lots of talented people before they consider contacting your firm to apply. This happens because employers often compose idealized wish lists of characteristics they’d like a candidate to possess. These over-descriptive listings are often quite unrealistic, so people pass them by believing they wouldn’t make the cut.

Do your open positions really require things like a master’s degree and 10 years of experience? Or are you actually looking for an experienced person with credentials that are relevant to the job?

Will the job really require tasks like data entry or computer programming? Or are you simply trying to say the job will involve interaction with your company’s database or preferred software?

The words we choose about the nature of work have a great impact. By revising your terminology to include details about what your company genuinely needs, you may have an easier time finding a great candidate.

Ready for the Competition

By taking a few steps to refine your steps to drawing in talent, your company will be better able to compete in the talent fight of 2022. Getting active in this effort will lead to great rewards. It’s all about spreading the right message about your firm and using a few simple methods to market your organization as a great place to work. With all of these things in place, the applicants will come calling.

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