A paddleboard adventure gone wrong! We found leakage!

This video is incredibly emotional for me. I wasn't sure whether sharing it would help or make me feel more vulnerable. What started as a beautiful day on the lake took a turn when our paddle boards gave out on us. Mike, if you're watching, thank you for your kindness and willingness to help two women stranded on the water. We appreciate you. Cameras can be replaced. Boards can also be replaced. What matters is only that we are safe. Grateful for our life jackets, for Leah keeping me calm, and for new days. Music provided by Epidemic Sound

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Hey there! We make DIY, travel and adventure videos both here in our hometown of Central Florida and also all over the country! We love to explore new places, build new things, and tow our Trail Manor pop up camper all around. A friendly reminder that unkind comments will be deleted. Please remember that we are all just trying our best.


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