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Maffrey's Good Goods: Ivanhoe Village

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Located in the Ivanhoe village in Orlando, Florida, Maffrey's is a favorite for finding unique and locally sourced gifts for every occasion. We've bought everything from van life stickers to mugs quoting Gandhi. What struck us as special when we walked in was how friendly and kind the owner was. Jeff told us what brought him to Orlando and explained how he likes to feature local artists, many of them women, in the shop.

Due to the pandemic, this shop currently accepts cards only, no cash. Hand sanitizer is available to all in the store. Masks are required if not vaccinated. Everything is kept pristinely clean, so we felt completely at ease.

Jeff of Maffreys Good Goodsbuildanadventure


On our last visit, Jeff explained why there were so many paper butterflies on the ceiling. He told us that they were wishes from patrons. He gave us each a colorful sheet of paper, and told us to write either something we were grateful for or a wish we have for the world. I wrote that I am grateful for kind people in our community. Ben wrote that he hopes for health and well being for all. A fitting wish for any occasion, but especially during a pandemic.



There was something so moving about seeing all of those hopes, dreams, and affirmations all together in a beautiful display. We were deeply moved. Community is so important right now.

butterfly ceilingbuildanadventure

This is just a small glimpse into the local treasure that is Maffreys. If feeling joy upon arrival is a sign of a business that's doing things right, then Maffrey's is definitely on top.

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