Daily Practices To Honor Earth Day!

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Earth day is right around the corner and there are so many ways we can help to preserve our planet. Here I will be sharing five things we can do every day to help support our planet and keep it beautiful for the future ahead.

1. Recycle

Recycling is so important to keep our planet from harmful waste. By recycling, we can send these reusable products to places where they can be broken down, reused, and transformed into something brand new. Remember when recycling to have two separate containers one for plastic like water bottles and fruit juice jugs. And another for other recycled products like plastic bags and paper-based products. A great note when recycling is to scan your item for the recycling logo to clarify its sustainability to break down and reuse.

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2. Organize A Group Clean-Up.

Around the world every day we find our beaches polluted. Organizing a weekly group clean-up will help bring the community come together and also help keep our beaches and parks clean of harmful trash. Animals are very important to our planet, they live here too. Imagine if your house was dirty all the time walking over trash on the floor you’d most likely get annoyed after a while having to live in filth. By cleaning up outside we can help animals live in their natural habitat safely without harm. A great tip when enjoying the outdoors is to help out and leave it cleaner then how you found it.

3. Conservation Of Gasoline.

Today in many cities we have what is called a rideshare lane, it allows drivers who are commuting together to drive in this separate lane. Choosing to compute together allows the planet, the animals, and us who live here with breathable clean air. In many cities around the world, harmful chemicals are being polluted into the air making it very hard for citizens in these areas to breathe, creating dark clouds over cities. Over time these people could adapt to being very sick making it hard for them to breathe. By providing clean air we can avoid future health problems and allow our natural habitats around us a safe place to live and grow.

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4. Community Planting.

Each year hundreds of thousands of trees are being torn down and in place, huge developments stand to be built. Gathering with friends and family or organizing a community event where you get out there to plant trees and flowers allows for what is being taken down to be reborn somewhere else. Trees provides oxygen which allows us clean air to breathe and allows the animals who live alongside us to breathe here as well. Planting flowers creates pollinations which allows bees help things grow, without pollination farmers wouldn't be able to provide us with healthy fresh ingredients at the store so without the help of the queen bee, our everyday items could become limited. So getting out in community to actively plant helps the world go round.

5. Go Paperless.

In today’s world, everything has begun to go online, which saves more trees from being taken down. Offering customers a QR code when dining at restaurants or creating online brochures for guests will help conserve paper. As technology progresses we will continue to bring our world more online, being unique and finding new ways to invocate your business or household to save trees from being cut down and will save the planet too for generations to follow.

I hope you all enjoyed learning these easy and helpful everyday tips to save our beautiful planet and how you can contribute not only on earth day but every day! Wishing you all a wonderful earth day. Get out there and make a difference to save our planet today!

-Much Love!

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