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Love mochi ice cream? There's a whole NYC shop dedicated to it

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The likes of Olivia Culpo and Joy Bauer have something totally delish in common—a deep love of perfectly-portioned mochi ice cream treats—and they're going to the same place to get them.
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Mochidoki is a futuristic treat shop with two locations in Manhattan that offer innovative flavors and a decidedly trendy, upscale snacking experience. Sweet toothed fans can either head to SoHo or Upper East Side locations (or shop the entire lineup online) to get tastes of flavors like Habanero Chocolate and Banana Pudding, as well as more traditional flavors like Matcha, Vanilla Chip and Purple Sweet Potato.

These aren't the fill-up-your-cup-and-pay-by-the-pound treats that dotted NYC streets years ago—they're elevated takes on classic Japanese cuisine that celebrates the art of perfection rather than consumption. The brand promises an experience bursting with flavor and globally-inspired design.
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"I'm obsessed with mochi, and there's no other place in the city to get an authentic mochi experience," shares Grace Kim, a self-proclaimed mochi expert who comes into Manhattan from Brooklyn at least weekly for the treats. "You can get mochi at some restaurants or in the freezer cases at supermarkets, but the flavors are pretty limited and just don't taste as good. I love all the weird, fruity flavors at Mochidoki and always meet up with friends there because it feels pretty posh for a $10 snack. I also bring packages back to work as cute, cheap gifts on days when I have to go to the office."

The NYC locations' most popular flavors include bestselling matcha, vegan passionfruit and vegan mango varieties. Online sales prove that creamier flavors like salted caramel are just as extra good and sought after.

Both stores offer the entire flavor lineup plus limited editions. You can waltz in for a casual, tasty boba or tea with friends in a low-pressure environment that just feels a little more special than a ho-hum Starbucks adventure. If you still need a jolt, you can always pop caffeine gummies later.

Prices start at $3.25 per delicate, scrumptious piece in stores or $12 when you order a 4-pack online.

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