What's your sign? Astrologer reveals the right scent for every member of the Zodiac

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Here's what astrology says about how scent influences your energy. Yes, REALLY.

You probably already know that astrology and horoscopes are credited with depicting personality traits and ideal love matches, but did you know that these same star signs are said to influence even the scents we wear and the energy we develop around us? "If there’s one thing you need to remember about astrology, let it be this: It is simply the science of energy," explains Eunice Lucero-Lee, a certified astrologist and the Editor in Chief of All Things Hair.


"The energy of what’s around us impacts every aspect of our lives here on Earth, albeit just in differing degrees. If we can agree that the phases of the moon can influence the tides, why is it so hard to believe that having Venus in Scorpio or Jupiter in Aquarius is any different? We were each born with a unique snapshot of the sky (a.k.a. our natal chart), and it’s this snapshot that serves as the blueprint or filter through which we experience life. If I have strong Libra aspects in my chart, for example, I will tend to gravitate towards a beauty and sensory aesthetic that displays this."

What each of the star signs should be sniffing:


"Aries does not shy away from a confident, in-your-face scent statement," Eunice says of this front-running sign. "Bright, warm fragrances, particularly those that include spring flowers because Aries season starts during the spring," work best for this captivating sign.


Aim for scents like honeysuckle and jasmine, which evoke optimism and heady charm. "Aries can also give much-needed gravitas and fire to balance out a citrus or fruity fragrance, so don’t sleep on those orange blossoms or zesty lemon oils."


Things are looking rosy for the sign most known for their strength of character. "Rose was made for the sensual Taurus, so any variation on this heart note would make for a great signature scent."

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"A gourmand base, like coffee, chocolate, or even some musks, can round out this earthy, sexy cocktail and ramp up its sex appeal."


"Lighthearted to the core, Gemini was born to rock a citrusy or green scent, or even ginger, as it provides that hot-and-cold note that Geminis adore," Eunice says of the sign most prone to loving multi-note scents.

"Those who resonate with the sign’s low commitment vibes would also love an EDT or cologne version. When in need of a quick calming break, though (those mile-a-minute thoughts can get exhausting), a whiff of lavender can provide respite."


It's time to get sentimental, and throw this one all the way back to Love's Baby Soft and other sweet-nostalgic scents. "Ruled by the moon, Cancers do not shy away from a moody fragrance that envelopes them in all the feels."


"Classic gourmands and florals reign supreme for Cancer sun signs-- a rose-vanilla blend brings back some rose-colored nostalgia. Or you can flip the script and go the oceanic route, too—sea salt notes are also a winner with this watery sign."


You can't go wrong with regal-feeling bold scents, Eunice shares. "Something that screams luxury for a classic Leo," is the right choice. "Fragrances with notes of leather, spices like clove, or even sunny sunflower is a natural choice for the sign that never shies away from the spotlight."


"Go for a confident EDP or long-wearing EDP too—their natural star presence was made for it."


"Fastidious, detail-oriented Virgo was made for the nuance that light woods like sandalwood and white woods arouse," she details.


"White florals and greens, like magnolias, lilies, and moss, are ideal for this purist sign that prioritizes integrity in scent before all else."


"Any perfume that appeals to the romantic of the bunch is made for the Libra nose! Wonderfully robust florals like peony, rose, and juicy pink berries speak to the feminine and sophisticated brand Libra likes to envelop itself in."

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"Notes that also hint at little luxuries, like lipstick, cashmere, and cream, are also much appreciated."


Are you ready to get deep, heavy, and sensual? Good, because that's where Scorpio scents typically head. "Cardamom, chrysanthemum, amber, musk, deep orchids—notes with an air of the secretive and mysterious, but with a direct approach are those to put on top of the list."


"Scorpio is a sign that embodies the sweet with the spice, so definitely an evening-leaning intensity, like those in EDPs or body oils for the bedroom, are also worth a second sniff."


This expansive and higher-minded sign craves simplicity, so steer clear of multi-layer scents. "It’s no surprise that Sagittarius pairs remarkably well with one-note essential oils that can encourage higher states of zen," Eunice says of this effervescent sign that needs balance.


"Boho notes like patchouli and subversive florals like tuberose appeal to their penchant for the exotic. Other scents that delight their wanderlusty tendencies are saffron, almond and pistachio (all the spice bazaar hits)!"


"No-nonsense, take charge, and expensive—this is the brand of a true-blue Capricorn, if they can help it."


"Scents that give off an air of success yet something unapologetic, whether it’s a straightforwardly crisp peppermint or basil, or a luscious cherry wood or tobacco—spell out boss moves."


This environmentally-woke and sharp-on-the-trend-uptake sign craves nature-inclusive scents. "Fragrances that incorporate an aspect of eco-sustainability are sure to appeal to an Aquarius. New spins on classics, like airy ozone (it is an air sign, after all) and aldehydes pique their iconoclast tastes."


"For those that identify more with the social aspect of this humanitarian sign, friendly fruity notes, like orange, juicy grapefruit, or even green pear, are also appealing."


This old-soul, wise friend of the Zodiac loves a good sense-driven memory that relates to his or her favorite life moments and chapters. "Water florals like water lilies, as well as scents that evoke a strong sensorial memory, like mom’s homemade lemon sugar cookies, are usually knee-jerk picks for a sensitive Pisces."


"They also have a penchant for mood-spritzing, so full-bodied fruity-florals, like apple and gardenia, usually hit all the right evocative notes. When in need of some grounding, an earthy vanilla can do the trick."

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