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LAUSD Strike Highlights Nationwide Frustration Among School Workers Over Low Pay

Bryan Dijkhuizen

School workers who shut down education for around half a million pupils in Los Angeles this week with a three-day strike won a 30 percent pay hike, their union said Friday.

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Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and special education assistants employed by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will receive the pay increase over two years, according to United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA).

The strike began on Monday after UTLA rejected LAUSD’s offer of a 5 percent pay hike. The union demanded a 30 percent increase over two years to bring salaries in line with those of other school districts in California.

The strike was the first by LAUSD workers since 1989 and was supported by parents and students who joined picket lines outside schools across the city.

The agreement between UTLA and LAUSD was reached after three days of negotiations. The deal also includes additional funding for schools, smaller class sizes, and more support staff.

The strike highlighted the growing frustration among school workers across the United States who have seen their salaries stagnate while the cost of living has risen. In recent years, teachers in several states have gone on strike to demand better pay and working conditions.

The LAUSD strike was one of the largest in recent years and drew national attention to the issue of teacher pay. It also showed that when workers stand together and demand change, they can achieve it.

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