Walgreens Under Fire After Staff Shortage

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According to Wikipedia, Walgreen Firm, also known as Walgreens, is an American company that runs the second-largest drugstore store chain in the United States, behind only CVS Health. Walgreens is a registered trademark of Walgreen Company.

It specializes in providing picture services, as well as the fulfillment of prescriptions, health and wellness items, and health information.

It was established in 1901 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and its current headquarters are located in the community of Deerfield, which is a suburb of Chicago.

Walgreens, 2023

According to the March 21 article "Walgreens Under Fire for Not Dispensing "Necessary" Meds Amid Staffing Shortage", as a result of a widespread lack of vital pharmaceuticals on the market, unfilled prescriptions have become a major cause for concern in the modern day.

Several consumers are now asserting that Walgreens is having difficulty dispensing medications that are not currently experiencing a shortage.

According to a report in The Durango Herald, a woman named Chelsea Johnston, who resides in Durango, Colorado, had problems filling her prescription for antidepressants at a local drugstore chain lately.

"It was a very necessary prescription," Johnston told The Durango Herald. "It was alarming that it just wasn't taken very seriously and I was given no follow up."

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