Regional Dollar Store is Closing Stores in Ohio After Overcharging Customers

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According to Wikipedia, the Dollar General Corporation is a network of a variety of shops that operates in the United States and has its headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Dollar General has been under fire for a while now for them overcharging customers in the state of Ohio. As of the 13th of November 2022, there are 18,721 Dollar General retail stores spread across the United States.

Texas has 1,750 Dollar General retail stores, which accounts for about 9% of the total number of Dollar General retail stores in the United States. Texas has the most Dollar General locations in the United States.

Dollar General, 2023

According to the January 30 article "Dollar General Temporarily Shuts Down Stores Amid Overcharging Backlash", on January 27, Dollar General began temporarily closing some stores across the state of Ohio.

Regarding the matter of excessive pricing, Dollar General and the state of Ohio have been engaged in a conflict with one another.

Testing conducted by the auditor's Department of Weights and Measures in Butler County, Ohio, in October 2022, found error rates at 20 Dollar General locations ranging from 16.7 to 88.2 percent.

Auditor Yost said:

"Everything we buy these days costs more—Ohioans can ill-afford businesses that draw people in with the promise of low prices only to deceive them at the checkout counter," Yost said in a statement at the time. "This seems like a company trying to make an extra buck and hoping no one will notice. We've not only noticed but are taking action to stop it."

Workers at the Dollar General location in Clintonville, which is located in the Columbus metropolitan area, reported to NBC4 that they got a call from corporate telling them to close, but they were not given a reason or a timeline for when they would reopen.

North Carolina, 2023

The agency issued a press release on January 30 detailing the excessive price-scanner errors that led to fines being levied against 52 different stores located across 33 counties.

Out of these, a total of 23 different Dollar General locations across the state were required to make the payment.

"Our Standards Division continues to see about a quarter of all price scanner inspections fail and many stores are failing multiple inspections," Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a statement. "Overcharges cost consumers, so we remain vigilant in inspecting stores in order to protect consumers. Remember it is always a good practice to check your receipt as well as the price on the shelf to make sure you are paying the correct amount and alert managers if the prices don't match."

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