Family Dollar & Dollar Tree Combined Store is Opening in North Carolina

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According to Wikipedia, Family Dollar Stores, Inc. is a chain of discount stores based in the United States. It was the second-largest retailer of its kind in the United States until it was acquired by Dollar Tree in 2015. Its headquarters operations were moved from Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, to Chesapeake, Virginia, which is located in South Hampton Roads.

As of the 17th of November in 2022, there were 8,241 Family Dollar retail outlets located around the United States.

Texas has 1,128 Family Dollar retail stores, which accounts for approximately 14% of the total number of Family Dollar retail stores in the United States. Texas is the state with the most Family Dollar locations in the United States.

Family Dollar/Dollar Tree

According to the January 30 article "What's Happening: First Family Dollar/Dollar Tree combo store coming to Davidson Co.", soon, work will begin on a new store that will be a hybrid of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.

Family Dollar and Dollar Tree both have their own locations in Davidson County, but the county is going to get its first combo store, which will have both types of businesses under the same roof.

According to Angel Jenkins, the Town Manager, Denton is going to get the first combo shop built in all of Davidson County, and the building is not slated to start until the end of February.

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