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Walmart Unexpectedly Closes a Location in Maine Until Further Notice

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According to Wikipedia, Walmart is an American global retail organization that runs a network of hypermarkets (sometimes called supercenters), cheap department stores, and grocery shops in the United States. In contrast to a significant number of other retailers, Walmart has not initiated any long-term, widespread store closings.

As of the 22nd of November in the year 2022, there are 4,650 Walmart stores throughout the United States. Texas has 516 Walmart stores, making up around 11% of the total number of Walmart stores in the United States. Texas has the most Walmart locations overall in the United States.

Walmart, 2023

According to the January 26 article "Walmart, Sam's Club in Scarborough closed due to roof concerns", Walmart in Scarborough has been closed because there are safety concerns regarding the extra snow and water that has accumulated on the roofs of the buildings.

On Thursday morning at about ten o'clock, according to Deputy Chief John Brennan of the Scarborough Police Department, personnel came to the Walmart because the roof was leaking.

"These flat roofs are designed to drain, but the amount of water on the roof suggested a drainage problem," Brennan said. "This led to a concerning amount of weight on the roofs."

The store is closed until further notice.

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