CVS & Walgreens Are Getting Into Trouble Because of a Shortage

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Two of the biggest drugstores in the United States, Walgreens & CVS are announcing that there will be locations getting closed.CVS made the announcement that it will be shutting 900 shops over the course of three years in November 2021, while Walgreens indicated that it would be eliminating 200 stores the next year in 2019.

CVS & Walgreens

According to the December 2nd article "CVS and Walgreens Are Running Out of Popular OTC Meds—Here's Why", people from all over the country have reported having trouble acquiring these over-the-counter medications at a variety of pharmacies.

From the article:

"There's no cold medicine [right now] at CVS," one person tweeted on Nov. 30. And they're not alone. Another Twitter user said on Nov. 18, "Went to two CVS, the first one was completely sold out of children's cold and flu medicine, the other had two bottles left of infant Tylenol and two bottles left of children's Motrin—the rest of the shelves were empty. This seems… bad."

An inquiry made to CVS regarding the supply of over-the-counter cold and flu medications has not yet received a response.

"We are working with our diverse set of suppliers and distributors to ensure our patients have the products they need most," Krey said. "Walgreens has taken steps in recent years to prepare for supply issues with a focus on the products our customers need most. We work with our suppliers to minimize disruptions and ensure our customers and patients have access to the products and services they need."

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