Croatian Model Risks a Fine By Appearing in Revealing Clothes

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The model has drawn a lot of attention by appearing at the World Cup matches of the Croatian national team.
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Ivana Knoll, a model from Croatia, blatantly disobeyed Qatar's dress code during the match that took place on Sunday. She wore a dress that accentuated her curves when she went to watch the first group match for her country, which was played against Morocco at the Al-Bayat stadium.

The revealing outfit violates Qatar's stringent decency laws, which are very strict.

The clothing worn by Knoll would appear to be scrutinized due to its form-fitting nature and its plunging neckline. As a consequence of this, the model, who is 30 years old, might have to pay a hefty fine; in fact, her supporters have already been warned of a fine of 2,400 pounds just for littering.

Because the rules in some parts of the country are more stringent than in others, it is possible that Knoll could be sentenced to jail time for violating these decency laws.

However, she stated that the authorities were not making any problems for her and that she over 700,000+ Instagram followers were receiving updates of her outfits while she was competing in the tournament.

'Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. The dress code forbids showing shoulders, knees, belly and everything and I was like 'Oh my God, I don't even have the clothes to cover all of that. She said.

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