Seagull Tries to Rip Out The Tongue of a Turkish Man After He Stuck it Out to The Bird

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A man attempted to stick his tongue out to a Seagull. That didn't go as planned.
Photo byUnsplash

The man from Turkey thought to have a laugh and stick out his tongue to the white bird, but he regret the action instantly.

According to the information provided by CEN, the incident began when an employee of a restaurant found and picked up the bird in an unknown region of Turkey. Instantaneously, the enraged bird seizes hold of his tongue with its beak and makes an attempt to pull it out.

The man was able to dodge the bird's attack just in the nick of time, preventing the bird from giving him the proper tongue-lashing it deserved. The confused man shakes his head at the end of the clip as he releases his captive and places him back on the ground before fleeing the scene.

Aggressive Seagulls

There's an actual thread on WikiHow on how to Deal with Aggressive Seagulls.

According to the article, despite the fact that they aren't normally dangerous, seagulls can occasionally be belligerent. This behavior typically manifests itself when the animals are attempting to guard their young or when they have grown too accustomed to foraging for food among humans.

One of the tips is the following:

Make eye contact with a gull if it walks toward you while you’re eating. Stare hard at any gull that starts coming closer to you on foot.


Lift up your arms to protect your head if a seagull begins swooping at you. Keep your arms above your head, but don’t wave them around. Move away from the area until the gull stops attacking you.

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