Alleged Walmart Shoppers Claim There is a Problem With Delivery

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In recent years, there has been a widespread trend toward the closing of retail locations, which has had an impact on businesses of all sizes.

According to Wikipedia, Walmart is an American global retail organization that runs a network of hypermarkets (sometimes called supercenters), cheap department stores, and grocery shops in the United States.

In contrast to a significant number of other retailers, Walmart has not initiated any long-term, widespread store closings.

Walmart, 2022

According to the December 1st article "Walmart Shoppers Say They're Switching to Amazon Over a Major Delivery Problem", a shopper by the name of Kayla Hicks-Frangos reported on December 1 to the ABC affiliate WCIV in Lowcountry, South Carolina, that her recent delivery orders from the big-box retailer have not been received.

"I was doing small orders here and there, and it kept repeatedly happening to me," Hicks-Frangos told the news outlet. "I would order one or two small items, and it would say that it was delivered, but it wouldn't show up." (as reported in the article)

She continues.

"I brought up those concerns to customer service when I spoke to them, and they told me, 'Oh, I'll tell the higher-ups,' but as far as I know, they didn't take that into consideration because it's still happening to people," she said.


From the article:

"But if you have a shipping order that says it has arrived but you can't find it, Walmart suggests you hold off before contacting its customer service. "Wait two business days to see if it arrives. It's rare, but sometimes carriers may mark packages as delivered before they arrive," the retailer explains on its website."

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