Walmart Supplements Are Being Recalled By FDA

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A warning from the FDA
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Even as their title suggests, supplements are advertised as a simple way to get more of the essential vitamins your body needs in an easy format.

But regrettably, you might not always get what you paid for due to the way they join the market. Studies have revealed that some of the supposed health advantages of these products may not live up to the hype.

But they can also occasionally be potentially dangerous in addition to being a waste of money.

Now, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that a complement sold by Walmart poses a possibly serious health risk.

Don't Buy These at Walmart

It can be simple to assume that supplements you see on the shelf are subject to the same stringent regulations as over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications because of the way they are advertised or packaged.

However, in comparison to the painkillers and cold medications you frequently take, these goods actually get to market in a very different method.


However, before a product can be sold, it is not necessary to establish its safety or to confirm that the health claims made on its label are accurate.

The agency says that it's only after an item hits the shelf and is purchased by the public that it will take action "against a product that presents a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury, or that is otherwise adulterated or misbranded."

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