Home Depot Is Looking To Lock Up Products To Prevent Theft

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Is locking up products the solution?

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According to Wikipedia, The Home Depot, Inc., is an American multinational home renovation retail corporate entity that sells tools, construction equipment, appliances, and services.

The Home Depot was the largest home improvement retailer in the United States in 2021, with more than 151 billion dollars in revenue and 490,600 employees, according to statistics from that year.

The corporation is based in integrating Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address.

But if you're one of these consumers, you'll want to be aware of a substantial shift that could influence the way you shop at these stores.

Home Depot has actually begun implementing the new policy to attempt to stop retail theft, a rising problem for locations across the country.

Locking Up More Products

The Home Depot is currently making efforts to put a stop to the theft before it occurs. The Media Reported that Home Depot has already been locking up more goods within its stores to crack down on retail theft.

Retail executives explain that stores like Home Depot track high-risk goods and lock them up in areas or locations that are being hit hardest.

With that new rule in place, you won't be able to shop for certain product lines without asking an employee for assistance.

"It's a triage-type scenario. It's stop the bleeding and give yourself some time," Scott Glenn, vice president of asset protection at Home Depot, told The Wall Street Journal.

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