Florida Court: Teen Isn't Old Enough To Get An Abortion

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Cruel standards in the "sunshine state"

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Despite her statements that she is not ready to have a baby, a Florida appeals court upheld a ruling that denied a 16-year-old girl an abortion on the grounds that she lacked the maturity to make the decision.

The ruling was based on the concern that the girl lacked the maturity to make the decision.

17 Years Old & Parentless

The minor, who was only named in the court filings as Jane Doe 22-B, had filed a handwritten petition requesting a waiver of the state's parental notice and consent procedures.

The court documents characterized the youngster as being nearly seventeen years old and parentless. It is typically against the law in the state of Florida to conduct an abortion on a minor without first obtaining the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

According to the appeals court, the young woman said in her petition that she is still a student, does not have a job, and that her father is unable to support her."

According to the documents filed in court, she was ten weeks pregnant at the time she requested permission from the court to terminate her pregnancy.

Close Call in Court

In what looked to be a very close call, Escambia County Circuit Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz decided against granting the petition. One judge from the 1st District Court of Appeal, Scott Makar, described the decision as extremely close.

A majority of the three judges on the appeals court panel agreed that the lower court's decision and conclusions are not ambiguous nor deficient in a manner that would demand reconsideration.

As a result, the judgment that Frydrychowicz made was confirmed by the appeals court.

The State Forces This Girl To Give Birth

Legislators in Florida who advocate for women's access to abortions were outraged by the decision. On Twitter, Democratic State Representative Anna Eskamani said that there is a lot of cruelty in Florida's anti-abortion regulations.

“Instead of trusting and listening to her,” she wrote of the 16-year-old, “the state forces her to give birth.”

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