Opinion: The Inflation Reduction Act Is Biden's Biggest Accomplishment

Bryan Dijkhuizen

"For a while, people doubted whether any of that was going to happen, but we are in a season of substance."

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On Tuesday, at the White House, President Joe Biden marked a big success for his administration and the Democratic Party by signing a comprehensive $750 billion health care, tax, and climate measure into law.

This triumph comes just before the midterm elections in the United States.

During the signing ceremony for the Inflation Reduction Act, which took place in the State Dining Room, President Joe Biden referred to the piece of legislation as "one of the most important laws in our history."

Biden's Biggest Accomplishment

Biden has already held bill signings at the White House last week for a bill that aims to increase domestic semiconductor production, and he held bill signings there for a bill that aims to increase benefits for veterans affected by toxic burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The bill signing that is taking place today is the latest celebration of a major legislative accomplishment for Biden this summer. In the past few months.

President Biden has also been successful on a number of other fronts, including the passage of a bipartisan gun reform bill, the ordering of a mission that was successful in killing al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, the sending of billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine to assist that nation in defending itself against Russia's invasion, and the assistance of Finland and Sweden in beginning the process of joining NATO.

"With this law, the American people won and the special interests lost," Biden told an audience of Democratic members of Congress and administration officials. "For a while people doubted whether any of that was going to happen, but we are in a season of substance."

And for the whole of Tuesday's event at the White House, the President emphasized the importance of what he perceives as his administration's successes — despite being cast off when previous discussions for his legislative agenda failed.

"Today, too often do we confuse noise with substance. Too often we confuse setbacks with defeat. Too often we hand the biggest microphones to the critics and the cynics who delight in declaring failure while those committed to making real progress do the hard work of governing," the President told the audience. "Making progress in this country, as big and complicated as ours, clearly, is not easy. It's never been easy. But with unwavering conviction, commitment and patience, progress does come."

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