American Pizza Chain Closes All Stores In One Area

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"Trying to open Dominos Pizza in Italy is like trying to sell snow in the North Pole."
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According to a recent announcement from the firm, Domino's Pizza has shut down the last of its 29 shops that were still operating in Italy, as reported by Bloomberg News.

The closures bring an end to a relatively short run for the American company, which entered the country in 2015 with plans to open 880 locations offering American-style toppings such as pineapple, bacon, and chicken to a national market that is famously credited as the birthplace of the much-loved pie. However, the company has now decided to end its operations.

Lockdowns Changed Everything

According to CBS News, the company's Italian franchiser, ePizza SpA, declared at the opening of the first location in Milan that "we're going where no major pizza brand has gone before" and pledged to use "100 percent tomato sauce and mozzarella" on its pies.

This was said in reference to the company's intention to pioneer a new market segment. However, after taking out significant debt to fund its ambitious expansion plans, the chain found it difficult to move pizzas during COVID-related lockdowns across the country.

This was especially the case given the fact that many smaller shops signed up with third-party delivery services in order to meet local demand.

"We attribute the issue to the significantly increased level of competition in the food delivery market with both organized chains and 'mom & pop' restaurants delivering food, to service and restaurants reopening post-pandemic and consumers out and about with revenge spending," the franchiser said in its investor report outlining its fourth-quarter 2021 results, per Bloomberg News.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, it seems that some patrons of the imported chain were taken aback by the news of the stores' closures.

This conclusion is drawn from social media messages made by consumers to the social media accounts of the Italian locations.

However, as was to be expected, some interpretations of the event poked fun at the notion that the closures should not have come as much of a surprise in a nation that has a plethora of genuine pizza alternatives available to choose from.

"Trying to open Dominos Pizza in Italy is like trying to sell snow in the North Pole," one user tweeted, per The Washington Post.

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