TikTok Star Claims Walmart Is "Ripping You Off"

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Bad customer service, overcharging, and monetary mismanagement.

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Walmart's Customer Service

Walmart's customer service and the variety of items it carries both get praise from time to time; nevertheless, when compared to the one thing the company is most often praised for—its cheap prices—these two aspects of the business pale in contrast.

Every every day, millions of consumers make the journey to their neighborhood Walmart store in order to get the necessities they want at prices that are more reasonable.

However, at this time, one consumer has said that the store is taking advantage of customers by using the positive reputation it has earned and her assertion has gone viral.

Continue reading to find out why one customer believes that Walmart is trying to take advantage of you.

Insecure Money Transfer

At least thrice so far in 2018, Walmart has been said to be experiencing financial difficulties. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched a complaint against the big-box store back in June, stating that the firm had turned a blind eye to fraudsters using its money transfer services for years.

The FTC claims that the corporation was aware of the fraudulent activity but chose to ignore it. Investigations conducted by law enforcement reportedly discovered that con artists were able to receive fraudulent payments obtained through a variety of schemes at Walmart locations because the company failed to properly secure its money transfer services.

This information was provided by the agency.

Overcharging Customers

A TikTok personality named Brenna described the following about her experience with Walmart.

"You guys, Walmart is scamming people, so listen up. They're jacking up their prices," she said. "They're ripping you off. I don't know how this isn't a lawsuit yet."

In the video, Brenna revealed her own personal experience of getting overcharged at Walmart. She described a scenario in which she went to her neighborhood Walmart to purchase Wilton chocolate candy melts for a cake but was given an incorrect price.

Brenna claims that the product could be purchased at the shop or online for $2.62; however, the cash register was ringing up the chocolate at $4 per packet despite the fact that the quoted price was $2.62.

She said that a cashier lowered the price once she brought it to their notice at the time of purchase; nevertheless, this was not the only item that she had this problem with.

Brenna said that the prices for five more goods rang up higher than the prices that were indicated for them.

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