Hugh Grant: "Drew, I think, did hate me a bit. But I admired her."

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Hugh Grant is under the impression that a number of his cast mates despise him. During an interview that took place on People's The Jess Cagle Show in 2018, the star was questioned about his thoughts on a handful of the actors he's collaborated with over the course of his career.

And even though he didn't bring up the fact that he had any grievances with them, he insisted that at least some of them surely don't have anything complimentary to say about him.

Grant's Issue With Robert Downey Jr.

In point of fact, this interview was the catalyst for Grant and Robert Downey Jr., his co-star in the movie Restoration from 1995, to make up on Twitter more than a decade and a half after the release of their film.

Grant has worked with a variety of leading women throughout the course of his career due to the large number of romantic comedies in which he has acted.

And he remembered telling Jess Cagle that the relationship between him and one rom-com co-star, in particular, was "tense" on set.

This was something that he shared with Jess Cagle. Continue reading to find out who he was talking about and why they had a contentious relationship with one other.

Drew Barrymore

Grant featured with Drew Barrymore in the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics in 2007, which was released that year. Grant portrays a former pop star, while Barrymore takes on the role of a composer that Grant finds.

In the interview with Cagle, Grant said, "Drew, I think, did hate me a bit. But I admired her." He explained, "We just were very different human beings. She was very LA, and I was a grumpy old Londoner."
"But the funny thing is, although it was fractionally tense on the set of that film … I think the chemistry is rather good between us," he explained. "Sometimes tension makes a good crackle."

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