Opinion: The US Shouldn't Drag Us Into Another War (With China)

Bryan Dijkhuizen

What was Nancy Pelosi thinking?

By US Department of Labor — L-15–04–14-A.569, Public Domain

Surely it was well-intended to visit Taiwan and speak with their local politicians about China’s oppression. I’m not a fan of China either, but wasn’t this just foolish?

Even though Taiwan has gained its independent status since the eighties, they’re still claimed by China as its territory. Doesn’t that ring a bell somewhere?

Because China isn’t holding back.

China’s leader Xi Jinping said:

“Those who play with fire will be perished by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this”

That doesn’t sound too friendly, after all, Joe Biden has recently said the United States would protect Taiwan if needed. The US is already selling weapons to the Taiwan Relations Act.

Many experts have been sending warnings about the danger of China, not only military-wise but also in terms of cyber attacks, together with Russia.

This could be the era of war.

We’re led by people without vision

For the past 30 years, we’re led by people without vision. Not only in the US, but especially in European countries. No long-term thinking.

It is a civil service trying to keep itself going without a long-term goal.

That’s why we’re always in some kind of crisis. We weren’t prepared for covid and figured it all out on the go — that didn’t work. Then we had Ukraine which we saw coming from miles away. It was a disaster.

Then inflation. *sigh*.

Still rising every day and Joe Biden and his worldwide colleagues aren’t doing anything to solve it. Giving people money doesn’t fix inflation, Joe.

Now we’re doing Taiwan. Letting Nancy Pelosi go there despite being warned because of threats from the CCP. They even threatened to shoot her plane out of the sky.

Why would you go there, Nancy?

It’s the same thing, over and over again. The government is incapable of governing for longer than a month. What they should do instead is figure out a plan for the next 10 years and beyond.

War is the business model of the United States

Why would the US constantly try to start a war somewhere? We’ve had Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, you name them — it’s about money.

The United States generates a lot of revenue from making and distributing weapons for wars all over the world. If there suddenly would be world peace, America wouldn’t earn as much money.

It’s their business model.

Pearl harbor was a good reason for young Americans to go to war to stimulate the US weapon industry.

But the problem with US wars is, that they don’t have a plan.

We saw that in Afghanistan in August 2020. It was a chaotic hell for the soldiers and military officers that were deployed there.

Biden didn’t know what he was doing.

Neither was the rest of the world.

Final thoughts about how the future will be shaped

Is a new war in the east a realistic scenario? Looking at history the answer might be no.

But, China has been getting more aggressive towards Taiwan lately. Together with forming BRICS (Including Russia as well) makes it a dangerous scenario to take into consideration.

It’s a powerful alliance that wants to shape the future.

More and more countries are interested in joining this strong bond of countries.

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