Cold Showers Are Amazing, Here’s Why You Should Take One Right Now

Bryan Dijkhuizen
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You should take a cold shower right now.

The best moment to take a cold shower is right now. So what’s stopping you from doing it?

Cold showers can help you to improve your health a lot by doing just that.

Lots of people tend to make big mistakes when they first start taking cold showers. They jump into action and then are surprised that “the water is so cold” and quit right after their first try.

If you’re not trained in taking cold showers, you shouldn’t expect immediate results — it takes time to train your body.

The biggest mistake is to quit in the middle of the process.

Take Care of Your Body

Last two weeks I’ve been sick. I felt so miserable and couldn’t do anything at all. Sore throat, coughing fits, and the whole shebang. I’m still not fully recovered, but last Monday I realized something: I didn’t take cold showers anymore.

That’s when I took my first cold shower in a while.

My body punished me for not taking proper care of myself and my body.

After taking that cold shower I immediately felt awake — my body started working and my chest turned red. I’ve only missed one day of cold showers past seven days and my resilience to cold is growing.

Epigenetics in Action

What most people don’t know is that you can transfer your behavior through DNA — that’s called epigenetics.

We’re trying to live the best life possible.

Stress shouldn’t be part of that right now. Our modern world hasn’t got the threads of thousands of years ago. We don’t have to fight for our food or to stay alive.

Modern-day stress factors are caused by psychological issues. We get stressed about not being able to pay the bills or when we are in social situations.

We still generate the same stress as we do when we’re in danger.

You shouldn’t.

By taking cold showers and applying breathing techniques you can suppress the stress and according to many studies on epigenetics, we can transfer this trait to our children.

Improve Your Immune System and Vascular System

As you keep taking cold showers or ice baths, your body is going to get used to these cold temperatures — you are training your vascular system. It’s taking care of your blood flow through your body and cleaning everything.

Therefore it’s quite important to keep your vascular system healthy.

The Wim Hof Method is a perfect way of doing this and at the same time, you’re improving your immune system.

As Wim Hof describes on his website, by training your vascular system, you bring down the average amount of heartbeats per minute and that’s keeping stress away in a physical way.

By improving the efficiency of your blood flow, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard and pump as much blood into your veins.

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