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How can personal branding help content creators?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a popular entrepreneur and public speaker for many years — after selling the company to American Express he co-founded, he’s jumped into the marketing and personal branding niche.

It’s no understatement to say that Gary is someone with experience in the field — he’s been helping a lot of people ever since with his useful tools and tips he gives out for free on his blog and his twitter.

The last couple of months, he’s been busy promoting and marketing artists regarding NFT’s — he often tweets he wants to buy NFT’s of new artists on Twitter where his followers can drop their NFT’s.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter

Keeping up with trends in the market is an important thing to do when you want to stay relevant and keep earning money and exposure.

In this article, we’ll go through five of the most essential marketing and personal branding tips that can help content creators to grow and evolve.

1. Content, Content, Content and More Content

When you’re a content creator, you want a good-looking personal branding — it needs to be structured, you want people to recognize you on other platforms.

But more important, you need to create a lot of content to generate exposure.

He argues that once you start producing more content on a consistent basis, you’ll eventually grow, yourself and your business — it’s not something that works on the short term, it does on the long term.

Marketing and personal social branding has become even more important in 2022 if you want to earn your money online — you can’t sit back and do it the old-fashioned way.

You need to evolve.

Instead of posting 1 picture on Instagram per week, increase that amount to once per day — or publish threads on Twitterevery day.

Nowadays, people want quick and short content — perfect examples of successful personal branding is TikTok creators, short videos that generate a lot of exposure for their brand.

If you generate more content, you’ll generate more views.


2. Putting Out All of Your Content

This is a big misconception, you will not understand how it works — you got to experience by trial and error.

In this video, Gary explains what types of content you should post to generate more exposure. The truth is, you put out everything, and you will see what works — your audience will eventually decide what they want to see.

And you should also not stick to one platform to publish your content — repurpose your content to many places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Vocal, Instagram, maybe even Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok if you’re into video creation.

3. Share Your Ideas for Free, Build an Audience, Then Try to Sell

What I notice nowadays is that people often try to sell things right off the bat — they’ve got like 15 followers and ask money for their content or ideas.

That’s not how you build an audience.

Gary talks about how you should definitely not try to convert your fans or audience into buying something from you — it needs to be initialized by themselves.

Tim Denning, has written about this topic as well. Giving a lot of free content away works magical to generate an audience.

People love free things, the only thing you ask is their permission to put them on an email list — now you can send them even more free stuff and one day you’ve got a cool product that they might want to buy.

There’s a customer hidden in every free viewer of your content.

4. Consistency and Quality versus Quantity

The ever lasting debate, what is better, quantity or quality?

Gary argues in this video that quantity will always beat quality, but he also believes that you’re going to need both of them to succeed in what you’re doing — quantity will improve your quality on the long term.


When you’re producing that much content, there’s always going to be one piece of them that will flourish, and it will teach you what you did right and what you did wrong.

That’s how this game works.

Combine this with consistency, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula — algorithms like consistent creators.

5. Work Really, Really Hard

When you’re working hard for something, results will get to you. But there’s a thing called working too hard.

That’s a bad thing.

In 2022, working from home has caused a lot of people in the United States and everywhere in the world to realize that they like the freedom of being with their family and doing something that they like.

Many of us started side-hustling, and it paid off in a lot of cases.

If you’ve got the feeling you’re working your a** off in a job you don’t even like or don’t feel comfortable with, maybe it’s time to switch to something you do like.

In the end, when you’re doing something you like for a job, it doesn’t feel like work anymore — like writing for me, and it will pay off.

Wrapping Things Up

As you can tell, personal branding and marketing are very important for a content creator and essential if you want to earn a living off it — but it doesn’t happen overnight, and you should work hard for it.

Some key takeaways of this article:

  • Produce a lot of content on a consistent basis
  • Repurpose your content on a lot of platforms
  • Take the time to figure out what you really want to achieve with your work
  • Don’t try to sell your ideas and content right off the bat

If you take these things in account and elaborate on them, you’ll progress in the content creation process on the long term.

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