High Temperatures and Widespread Fog Forecast for Southern Florida

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Today's stationary front will continue in proximity to the I-10 corridor.

Winds have slowed to near calm in the interior ahead of the front, which will aid in the formation of some fog this morning, particularly west of the HWY 27 corridor, which is forecast to be widespread. Today's events will be reminiscent to those of Tuesday.

The southerly breeze will continue to bring in a little amount of low-level humidity. It is possible that sea breeze activity may resume, particularly along the Gulf Breeze and in sections of inland South Florida. The possibility of a rumble of thunder or two cannot be ruled out during the more intense action.

The EML originating from the Mexican Plateau, which is a result of the strong southwest mid/upper level flow, will continue to exist.

The sun's rays may assist in bringing a little dryer air to the surface. Overall, this dry layer aloft seems to be limiting the majority of vertical expansion outside the Lake Okeechobee area, which will be more susceptible to some mild lifting from a series of very moderate H5 impulses in the near future.

Temperatures will be warm once again today, with highs in the mid-80s probable even near the Atlantic coast as the easterly component of the wind starts to diminish.

As the winds ease once again, additional patchy fog may be likely over the interior and southwest Florida metro areas tonight, as well. In the next days, low-level moisture will continue to flow into the area.

Temperatures will be substantially above normal for this time of year and will be close to or perhaps surpassing record high temperatures at times.

A minor impulse intensifying along the Central Florida east coast is predicted to occur on Thursday, according to models.

This may aid in the initiation of a few more showers, particularly along any mesoscale boundaries such as gulf/sea breezes, but overall, POPs remained on the lower end of the spectrum due to a dry column aloft, much of the modest upper support remaining just north of the equator, and a lack of significant instability.

Otherwise, southerly breezes will continue to indicate to temperatures that are much above normal over the CWFA.

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