Increasing Temperatures in South-Central Texas as the Week Progresses; Winds are Expected

Bryan Dijkhuizen

The latest visible satellite picture from the GOES-16 satellite shows the breadth of the cloud cover that has remained in place across most of South-Central Texas.

Clouds should continue to break out fairly fast this evening, and we could even see some excellent sunlight for regions east of the I-35 corridor right before sunset, thanks to midday heating as well as drier air filtering in between 850 and 700 mb.

As we move into the evening, winds will continue to blow out of the northeast, but will become lighter as we go into the nighttime hours.

Through the night tonight, we will most likely still have some high clouds flowing above, which will help to reduce the amount of radiational cooling we get. But, for the most part, temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s.

The San Antonio metro area, as well as places along the Rio Grande from Del Rio to Eagle Pass, will be the exceptions to this rule.

Wednesday will be a considerably warmer day as winds swiftly shift from the east and southeast to the north and northwest as a departing surface high causes return flow to the north and northwest. Temperatures should peak in the 60s for the most of the country, with temperatures in the Rio Grande Plains reaching 70-72 degrees.

Even though it will start off cold, dry air in situ will allow for a quick warmer over the day, which will be accompanied by plenty of sunlight. With temperatures falling into the mid to high 30s for the most of the country, Wednesday night will be another frigid one, but not nearly as cold as tonight.

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