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Dry Weather Forecast for the Seattle Area Until Monday

Bryan Dijkhuizen

High pressure will continue to build close offshore over the weekend, and dry weather is predicted to last into the following Monday. A cold front is expected to blow across the region on Tuesday or Wednesday, forecasters say.

Low clouds also cover much of the Cascade foothills from King County south, as well as parts of southwest Washington.

Sunny skies may be seen throughout most of the Olympic Peninsula and the coast from roughly Pacific Beach north, as well as the majority of the Strait west of Sequin and up into San Juan Island, as well as the northern Cascades.

The regions of low clouds and fog in the morning will give way to afternoon sun over the majority of the country as midday heating mixes out the low-level moisture and the northerly flow helps disperse it. Western Washington will be subjected to a dry northerly flow until early next week due to an upper-level ridge over the Northern Pacific.

Highs will increase somewhat through Sunday and Monday, with less morning clouds, but cold temperatures at dawn will become more common as the night wears on, with fewer clouds in the evening hours.

On Tuesday, when the ridge moves backwards a little, some moisture will come down from British Columbia. This brings the possibility of rain in the lowlands, as well as snow in the mountains. Snowfall in the Central Cascades may be substantial, hitting both Stevens and Snoqualmie passes, according to forecasters.

The offshore flow will get stronger Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, with some gusty Fraser River winds expected. Snow levels are also decreasing, but moisture is receding south, reducing the possibility of low-land snowfall in the area.

Snow levels will continue low on Thursday, but there will be little moisture in the air above the area, and the hazard of low-lying snow will remain minimal.

The offshore ridge will then creep onshore the following Friday, bringing with it more dry and steady weather.

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