Out of Ideas? Create Your Own Pool of Writing Inspiration

Bryan Dijkhuizen

Last weekend I got the question of a follower (Rabinder Kumar) on Twitter how I keep getting topics to write about every single day.

Sometimes it gets quite difficult to come up with topics that you haven't written about, I get it. But there’s always something to write about.

What do I do? I read a lot.

Most of the topics I write about come from the topics I read about in books, articles, or news. In these existing pieces, there’s always something that intrigues you and that you want to write about yourself.

In this article, we’ll go over 3 ways to create your content creation pool.

Read a Lot To Explore Your Content Interests

When you read a lot, this can be books or articles online, you adapt the content and develop an opinion about it.

That’s a possible source of content.

You can also write about something that you think is missing from a certain piece you read.

Adding these topics to your content library can on its own inspire other people to write as well. If you want to, you can take a look at my articles and get inspired by them.

Re-Use Your Content

Some people write a lot of content a day. How do they do this? I think one of the tricks is to re-use your content.

Once you have a library of content you can scroll back to older pieces and re-use certain topics from that article. Maybe you see something that you missed when you initially wrote it.

If that’s something you do a lot, your inspiration/idea pool will expand very quickly.

One quick tip to do this: create a spreadsheet or some kind of database structure where you can put in your articles and the corresponding topic that you can take a look at when you need some new ideas.

Something like this:

Image by Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen | 2022

Use Question Sites Like Quora or Facebook Groups

There are some wonderful sites online where people can ask questions about all sorts of topics. I’m on Quora myself to answer them — you can follow me if you want.

On this site, people ask questions and that’s where you can answer them, on the site, or in an article you want to write.

In this example, you can use this question to write an article by answering it. Something like ‘5 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Richer (in Mind)’.

This is a specific example but what I do to find topics related to History to write about is going on Facebook Groups about History or Crime to find certain events or cases that are worth elaborating on.

One of the groups that helps me generate Crime content is the Crime stories from all over the world group on Facebook.

And when you’re done with these sites, there’s always Twitter, full of people who have questions, like Rabinder Kumar, who helped me get inspired for this article.

Wrapping Up

Admitted, coming up with ideas is tough, even with these techniques but you’ll be settled for a while using these.

  1. Read a lot
  2. Re-use your content
  3. Find questions online (Facebook, Quora, Twitter, or elsewhere)

If you’re still out of ideas, here’s a writing challenge: open a book on a random page and the first word you see is the topic you will write about. Challenge accepted?

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